Beni’tures of GoWow

 It is Free: GoWow will be yours and only yours, will give you 100% attention without any hindrance from the 3rd party advertisements and pop ups to cloud your shinny mood.

 Discoverer: Like every book has an author, and every creation has an inventor… Exposing the unseen places, facts and festivals will be done by the Discoverer. The craze of GoWow is to be a ‘Discoverer’ of maximum places.

 Out of the box: Forts (don’t be surprised Goa is full of them), Caves, Springs, Ferry Terminals to connect the islands , lighthouses , to the clear blue sky touching just the Horizon to that of luxurious green spread over the fields and hills. GoWow doesn’t promise anything big, but makes sure your destination is just the right one.

 User’s Tale: Every user can contribute and be part of GoWow, his tale about the Place, would be educating several others who are unfamiliar with it. Also the elation that it brings about in saying that you’ve found something new is simply immeasurable.

 No Registration: It is not a bank account, It is just a digital map showcasing finest of Goa and Goa’s finest. But it doesn’t stop being just a map; it takes a step further in sharing the location and the tales that you have just added to your Facebook account.

 Highlights: Every buzz in the town will be known, every reminder to attend the happening event in Goa, and every festival that you should be part of will be pinned to your map!!! So booking the dates and managing your self is easier than ever. Apply for a leave, brush your hair, shine your boots and set to party!

 Goan Cuisine: From ‘Raechado Baangdo'(Mackeral) to ‘Chicken Cafreal’ and ‘Sungta Humonn'(Prawns) to ‘Tisrya Sukem'(Goan Clams). GoWow Goa showcases Goa’s classic and small joints and restaurants serving the best of Goa’s delicacies.